Dr. George Vosgerichian has always been passionate about the Cape and photography. He has been coming to the Cape as a child. Before the mainstay of digital cameras, he learned photography on his Dad's rangefinder film camera. As a teenager, he started making his own cameras, culminating in a 6x17 medium format panoramic film camera. In recent years, his passion for aerial photography inspired him to photograph the entire coastline over Cape Cod & the Islands.

He has received tremendous feedback for his aerial photography. His photos regularly appear in magazines and several social media platforms. He was featured in the August, 2019 issue of Cape Cod Life Magazine, "The Sea From Sand & Sky," a 6 page article showcasing his aerial and landscape photography. He won First and Second Prize in the Cape Cod Life Annual Photo Contest in 2020. Several of his images appear in the Cape Cod Cookbook: Off Season, by Kelly Moss (2020), a savory collection of Cape-inspired recipes.

Three of his photos were published in the Cape Cod Life: 2021 Annual Guide. The Chapin Beach photo was just published in July, 2021 in a 2p spread. The “Coastal Surf” Cape Cod National Seashore, Eastham, won First-Place in the 2022 Cape Cod Life Annual Photo Contest: Seascapes. Some of his photos appear in the Print Gallery of Cape Cod Life, and can also be purchased on the Cape Cod Life Magazine Online Shop.

You can view his ongoing exhibit, “Soaring above Cape Cod,” at the Cape Cod Maritime Museum, 135 South Street, Hyannis. The uncommon aerial perspective showcases the uniqueness and charm of Cape Cod. The exhibit has been very well received, running over a year. The Cape Cod Maritime Museum offers a keen insight into the Cape’s rich maritime and cultural history.

George graduated Boston University in 1991 with a bachelor's degree in Chemistry. In 1995, he received his D.M.D. from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, where he served on the faculty of Restorative Dentistry for 7 years. He has been practicing dentistry in Arlington, Massachusetts, for 25 years. A member of several professional organizations, he is also involved with humanitarian trips abroad in educating dentists and treating people in underserved areas. Among his several distinctions, he was recently awarded "Top Dentists" by Boston Magazine. Alongside his passion for aerial and landscape photography, he enjoys playing classical piano and composing music.


Aerial photography offers a unique perspective to covering vast expanses. Unlike on ground, in aerial photography, a particular scene can be viewed from so many directions, distances, and heights, rendering a multidimensional perspective. The bird's-eye view best reveals the distinctive features found on the Cape & Islands - Forests, charming towns, marshlands, waterways, and sandy beaches, all blend seamlessly on a canvas of stunning detail. Aerial scenes have a sense of completeness and greater dimensionality with its surroundings. Unlike traditional photography, the aerial view unveils much of the Cape's natural beauty hidden underwater which otherwise cannot be seen from land. Abounding with diversity of marine life, coastal shallows outline abstract shapes of color and texture which look radically different from the realism found on land. These aerials expose the fragile balance between land, water, and the effect of ever-shifting sands of time and current. Aerial photography reveals the geological features that make the Cape & Islands so charming and ethereal to all who visit. Over Cape Cod is an ongoing project that is in its 7th year. The site showcases only a fraction of the 4,000+ aerials I've taken. Visit the site often as new photos are constantly being uploaded to the gallery for print.

The new “Aerial Miniatures Gallery” is a first for the Cape & Islands, offering a unique  perspective of familiar sights through the use of specialized tilt-shift lenses. Transforming our familiar sights into the world of miniature, the viewer feels as if they’re magically in Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood, or looking down on a model train set. To the best of my knowledge, this type of aerial photography has never been done over the Cape & Islands, and is exclusive to offer this miniature perspective. Tilt-shift lenses are challenging to set up on a tripod, let alone shooting handheld in a plane going 120mph. They are completely manual - focus, tilt, exposure, are all done manually on the fly (No pun intended). More charming miniature dioramas will be added in the future. Stay tuned...


All my aerial photos are taken from a Cessna airplane. No drones have been used as their 400 ft. height restriction and no fly zones limit their ability to photograph many sites on the Cape & Islands. This includes proximity to airports such as Hyannis, or state parks and federal lands, such as the National Seashore and Monomoy. Drones can be useful for smaller venues in select areas. However, photographing from a plane or helicopter offers a professional solution for greater range, altitude, access, flight time, coverage, image quality, and the ability to reach remote areas such as Muskeget Island or Nomans Land. This results in a greater creative potential and perspective than drones. Planes and helicopters enable the photographer to carry several high resolution cameras and lenses to create wide vistas, or to zoom in on a specific subject like a lighthouse. This also produces much higher resolution images with greater dynamic range over most drones. Over the course of 6 years, I've been able to photograph the entire Cape & Islands several times - a rewarding opportunity to admire and photograph its beauty.


Having taken numerous flights over the years, I have captured familiar places from several angles and heights in their relation to their surroundings. Oftentimes, a familiar town or beach lends itself to abstract shapes of marsh, sand, and water as one pans across an image. Besides composition, there are several atmospheric and physical factors which ultimately affect the quality of an aerial photograph. In an airplane, these include haze, wind, speed, vibration, altitude, inclination, distance, sun, clouds, time of day, thermals, and the jet stream. One of the greatest challenges in aerial photography is overcoming haze at higher altitudes. Haze is comprised of moisture and dust, and the Cape is engulfed in it. It affects sharpness, clarity, saturation, and contrast of the image. Gear combinations include the Nikon Z7 + 24-70 f2.8 S lens, Nikon D850 + 70-200 f4 G lens, Canon 5Ds R + 24-105 f4L lens, Fuji X-T3 + 10-24 f4 + 55-200 f3.5-4.8 lenses. I strive to ensure the highest image quality and resolution in every shot with high megapixel cameras. Above all, a good technique is essential to achieve a natural, rich, sharp, and clear look to each print.


Prints and downloads can be purchased by clicking on photo to illuminate the “Buy” icon in Gallery & Shop section. A myriad of standard, non-standard, and panoramic sizes can be printed onto a variety of paper, metallic, fine art print, and frames. A select number of photos can also be purchased in my Cape Cod Life Magazine Online Shop.

Return Policy: Purchases made through are guaranteed to our customer’s satisfaction. Color correction is applied at the discretion of the printing lab to adjust color, contrast, brightness, for your chosen print media. Our lab packages your orders very well. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your order, please let me and Smugmug know, and we will remedy the situation immediately.


Creating this site has been a labor of love. A gift to posterity, a mojor of the proceeds from this site go toward the preservation of lighthouses on the Cape & Islands. In 2021, $10,000 was donated toward lighthouse preservation on Cape Cod.

All photographs featured on this site are taken and licensed by me. Looking for specific location? Let me know. Feel free to leave any comments, suggestions, or questions on the Contact Page. Thank you for visiting

George Vosgerichian, D.M.D.

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